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Tunnel Dam: Lake Ningua at Tunnel Dam is 3 miles long and was built by Sho-Me Power Coop Electric in 1929. As you approach Tunnel Dam road you cross a bridge called the "Whistle". The water is shallow and makes an ideal place to canoe or Kayak. Farther up Tunnel Dam road, which is no more than a two lane dirt track in places, there is a great view of the dam and surrounding countryside. Left Photo: The Whistle, Right Photo: Tunnel Dam

Tunnel Dam
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Swinging Bridges: An area named for a wood-planked suspension bridge that crosses Auglaize Creek. The bridge was built in 1929 or 1930 by Union Electric when Bagnell Dam backed up water over country roads near Brumley. It was one of 40 bridges designed by Joe Dice from Warsaw, who left school after the fourth grade because of poor eyesight. Starting with a ball of twine to judge the curve and distance, horses or men to pull the wires across, men and mules to mix cement and haul river gravel and timbers from local farms, his genius has long gone unrecognized. There is a place to fish and some primitive camping sights. It's a short trip from Lake Ozark and an interesting place to visit.

Swinging Bridge
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National Mothers Shrine: The Mothers Wall of Life makes this one of the most meaningful shrines in the country. The Wall, make of polished black granite, is dedicated to mothers everywhere. Over 2,300 people have immortalized their mothers by putting their names on the Wall. There is a 14 ft. stainless steel sculpture of Mary that rotates and overlooks the wall, plus seating for outdoor services and a prayer path. It's on the grounds of St. Patrick's Church at Laurie, halfway between Versailles and Camdenton.
Old St Patrick Church, Cemetery and Museum: Construction of the church began in 1867 and was finished in 1870. All materials used for the original construction came from the surrounding forest.The original beauty of the church has been restored, and a museum has been established in the small area that used to be the living quarters for the circuit priest and houses the early vestments and vessels.

National Mothers Shrine

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Bennett Spring State Park: Known in this region as a "trout park". In Missouri, there are five different types of public trout fishing areas: trout management areas, special trout management areas, wild trout management areas, urban winter trout areas, and trout parks. The trout parks are the most popular of the five types of areas, and account for about ten percent of all the fishing that takes place in the state. In each trout park you will find a beautiful Ozark spring creek generously stocked with nice-sized trout from the fish hatchery located in the park. In the mid-19th century, settlers found Bennett Spring to be an ideal spot for grist and flour mills. Today, most people come to Bennett Spring State Park to struggle with the rainbow trout, or just to marvel at the 100,000,000 gallons of clear, cool water that gush from the spring each day.The park is located close to Lebanon. Dean fished here many years ago and so we made the trip to see the park.

Bennett Spring State Park


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