January 2006 .........

Slidell: During Katrina Slidell sustained winds of 176 mph and a 23 to 26 ft storm surge. The bridge on Highway 10 between Slidell and New Orleans re-opened the day we drove over it, but it was only one lane coming back to Slidell, and the traffic was backed up for several miles. We came back over the Highway 11 bridge and we're glad we did, because it allowed us to see an area that we would have missed. Photos don't even began to show how bad it really is, we just wish we had some before photos to compare. If you go onto the Mississippi page there is a link to the Sun Herald newspaper and they have some excellent before and after photos of the whole area.

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Slidell Louisiana

January 2006 .........

New Orleans: Coming into New Orleans from the East on I-10 is like driving through a war zone, miles and miles of neighborhoods, apartments and shopping centers were destroyed and vacant. It's the strangest feeling just not to see any people around. We drove around in town, and were able to see some of the destroyed homes, however mostly from the the highway and couldn't get pictures. In those areas there were also no people, it just looked like a ghost town where a bomb had gone off.
The French Quarter is recovering well, quite a few of the shops and restaurants were open and doing a brisk business. The Cafe DuMonde has re-opened and are serving Beignets again. Dean and I made pigs of ourselves, we ate nine between us. There was a cruise ship in port and the horse drawn carriages are back taking people on tours. Downtown still has some boarded up buildings and some with huge dryers running into the windows.

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New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina
New Orleans
New Orleans



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