Garnett Court House
The message inscribed on our state seal "Ad Astra Per Aspera" - "To The Stars Through Difficulty" reflects the adversity of this great state's history


Court House, Garnett Ks

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Page 1 Hutchinson-Mennonite Relief Sale; Yoder; Pretty Prairie - Historic Movie Theater
Page 2 Springtime Weather Photos; Lake Clinton
Page 3 Yates Center - Frannies Restaurant; Steiners Sundries (One of the old soda fountains of Kansas)
Page 4 Chetopa - Riggs Drug Store; Humbolt
Page 5 Abilene - Eisenhower Center; Seeley Mansion
Page 6 Abilene - Lebold Mansion; Old Town
Page 7 Peabody - Old Barn Tour
Page 8 Greensburg - 18 months after a tornado; Cottonwood Falls
Page 9 Council Grove
Page10 Flint Hills and old stone houses
Page 11 Kansas State Fair
Page 12 Russell Kansas and Rock Post Scenic Byway
Page 13 Lucas - Garden of Eden; Flying Pig Gallery
Page 14 St Ann Church, St Fidels Chursh (Cathedral of the Plains) and Holy Cross Chursh
Page 15 Wilson - Midland Railroad Hotel

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