Dean and Laurel were married in 1997, they have two children each, and a total of five grandchildren. Dean camped with his family for many years, traveling to 41 states before the kids were out of high school, and Laurel camped in the living quarters of a horse trailer as they followed the horse show/rodeo circuit where both of her kids were active with horses. Our children now live in Minnesota, Iowa and Kansas so we visit them and have a great time. Having a motor coach makes those visits more enjoyable as we go home every night.

In 1998 we purchased a small fifth wheel with no slides, the price was right and Dean had a pickup that would pull it. After a trip to Canada we decided no slides just wasn't going to work. We traded for a 30 ft fifth wheel with two slides. Great idea except now we had to purchase a new truck. That truck was a new Ford V-10 3/4 ton, one of the first V-10's in this part of the country. Now we're set, or so we told ourselves. While in South Padre Island, TX the next winter we walked by a Newmar Mountain Aire coach with a Kansas Tag, so of course we knocked on the door. As we walked into the coach we looked at each other and went "Oh No", we're in trouble now. So that spring we found a 1997 Mountain Aire 40' diesel pusher and the rest is history.
We drove that coach 136,000 miles in the next 13 years, completely redid the exterior and interior and then in 2010 we sold it and bought a 2005 43' Newmar Mountain Aire. Truthfully we miss the 97, lots of things we liked about it better than the 2005. One thing we learned was don't spend so much money on rehabing a coach unless you're sure you want to keep it for a very long time.

October 2011: Guess we did it again, traded the 2005 Mountain Aire for a 2008 Dutch Star. The Dutch Star is more like our 1997 Mountain Aire, it has features we like much better than the 2005 Mountain Aire. The Dutch star is pictured above in the heading photo and the road is in Kentucky.

We either spend the winter in Florida or AZ, for many years alternating between the two. For the last several winters we have called Palm Creek RV Park in Casa Grande, AZ home. Laurel's mother lived in Vegas and it was closer to see her from Arizona. She passed away in 2011 so now we have to decide if we want to go back to AZ or start alternating again.

Dean plays golf, works in his woodshop, fishes, reads and even goes to his office once in a while. Some of Laurel's interests are photography, computers and reading. Both of us are pickleball players. If you've never heard of pickleball go to our home page and click on Pickleball. It's a neat game, very aerobic, lots of fun and quite addictive.

When not on the road we call Topeka, Kansas home. We live close to town, but in an area where the homes are on five acres. Our house sits to the back of the land and we have a pond in the front yard. We have decided, at this time, not to become fulltime RV'ers. Dean is semi-retired, however he needs to be home part of the time for his business, he and three partners develop and build subdivisions. Both Laurel and Dean are retired long time Realtors. When we're on the road we have several people that help take care of the house and yard, and we shut  the roll shutters that are on every window and door(see front door in photo). This lifestyle works well for us, we enjoy both being on the road and being at home. Below is our house, RV barn, garden shed and Dean's shop/extra garage.

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