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Come travel with us around the country, we promise you some great experiences, some wonderful pictures, information on places to visit and history of some of those places. RVing is a way of life like no other you will ever experience. Traveling in an RV is having a freedom you can't imagine. There is never enough time to see all the sights in this great country. The people we meet are warm and friendly. Best of all, we sleep in our own bed every night.
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Pictured above our Newmar Dutch Star on a road in Kentucky.

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Update 9/14: Unfortunately we will be off the road for at least this winter. It will be the first year in seventeen years that we will spend in Kansas. The coach is tucked away in a warm, secure barn for the winter. Hopefully spring will see us back on the road again.
This site will probably not be updated for a while, so read and enjoy the travel information that is here. With over 200,000 miles on the road we have visited many wonderful places that you will enjoy reading about.

Update 10/3/15: The news in this update isn't good. A year ago last July Laurel fell over a gym bag that someone set behind her at the Kansas Sunflower Games. That fall resulted in three back surgeries over the next seven months and almost a year in hospitals and rehab facilities, including Madonna Rehab Hospital in Lincoln NB. Still working every day to get better but walking has not come back yet. Hopefully it will, however for now she is getting around in a wheel chair. Since not getting in and out of the coach wasn't possible we did the thing that made the most sense and sold the coach. That was accompanied by many tears and hard days dealing with not having it anymore. Even as I type this the tears still come. The up side is we had 17 wonderful years on the road and some people never get that chance. Hopefully by next winter we will be able to go back to Arizona again, we will probably rent a park model to stay in when we do go back. Please read and enjoy the site with all the travel information on it.

Update 12\27\2016: Just barely made it with a 2916 update. We are back in Casa Grande, AZ. Rented a village home for six months in the RV park we have stayed in for so many years. We have many friends here and it is good to be back in the sunshine. Have tried many Physical Theripasts in the past year, they have all been good in keeping my legs from total paralasis. Going to start with one in Phoenix in January. She works mostly with patients that have nerve problems. The condition I have is called Arachnoiditis and it is progressive and caused by a fall or spinal surgery. Since I have done both I guessI'm a good prospect for the condition. In August of 2016 I broke the very bottom of my tibia bone by catching my foot under an electric wheelchair. Didn't think it was a big deal until the Dr said surgery was needed. Back to the hospital for three days for surgery, then back to a rehab facility. No weight for 6 weeks on my foot, then 6 weeks of 50% weight. Normally not a problem except I can't feel anything in my leg or foot. Still can't walk so that was not quite the problem it could have been. Dean is still doing well, it's hard on him, I'm sure, to be a caregiver plus taking care of everything else. With matience free out here he has lots of time to play Pickleball and he is getting his game back.
We wish everyone a safe and happy 2017. Hopefully we will have a better update for the year.



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